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10ml/ 30ml

  • Skin anti-oxidation defence rate improved by 3 times¹

  • 125 hours of anti-oxidation effect²

  • After 14 days of use, Skin barrier defence is improved by 4 times³

  • Contains 8% Ace Vita Complex™ of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5 to improve skin elasticity and dull texture for a healthy complexion, and it provides skin soothing, moisturizing and brightening effects.

  • Pro-vitamin B5 helps to moisturize skin

  • Easy-absorbing and effective to moisturize skin

  • Gentle formula with no colorant, mineral oil & Paraben

  • Dermatologically tested

For normal skin, especially for mature skin

Suitable for adults

How to use:

Every morning and evening after using toner, gently apply 2-3 drops to the face with a pipette.

¹ Compared with the area without application of the serum. Ellead, 21.06.14 – 21.06.29, 30 female

² SKINMED, 21.05.11-21.05.16/ Antioxidant test completed after 125 hours exposure to high temperature of 45 degrees (in vitro test, DPPH)

³ According to the test results of 31 female who aged 20 or above and used the serum for 2 weeks. Testing Institute: Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences (18-02-2021 to 26-03-2021)

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