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  • Advanced BioMimic Technology is clinically proven to strengthen and repair skin’s natural moisture barrier, reduces and soothes dry and sensitive skin

  • Long-lasting moisturizes and gently nourishes dry skin, restoring skin moisturization and smoothness

  • After 2 weeks of use, the skin hydration level of baby’s cheek increased to 108.6%*and baby’s forearm increased to 109.7%*

  • Hypoallergenic, mild formula, caring for baby's delicate skin

  • Completed of children’s 48-hour pediatric patch test+, can also be used for sensitive skin

  • Lightly and moisturizing lotion texture, easy to spread on the skin and quickly absorbed, refreshing and non-sticky

  • Dermatologist tested

  • Parents’ satisfactory survey on the product after their children used*:

  • 96% lightly and refreshing satisfaction

  • 72% Satisfaction with smooth and soft skin

  • 72% Skin moisturizing satisfaction


For dry and sensitive skin

Suitable for babies


How to use:

Take an appropriate amount and apply it on dry parts of the face and body, tap lightly to absorb.


*Skin Moisturizing effect evaluation test, Dermapro Co., Ltd. 21.08.30-21.09.28, results of post-use satisfaction evaluation for 33 male and female children aged 3-7 years, set 100% before use

+Pediatric patch test, completed 48-hour patch test for 21 children, testing period: 21.09.06-21.09.10, testing institution: Ecoderm, inc.

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