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  • Specially designed for men with dry and sensitive skin

  • Unique BioMimic Technology is combined with Ultra-Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid to form BioMimic-H Technology, which strengthens and repairs the skin's water-locking barrier, provides low-irritation moisturizing to the skin, rebuilds healthy and hydrated skin, and reduces skin sensitivity

  • Moisturizing essence texture, quickly absorbed to skin with refreshing and non-sticky finish

  • Provides immediate moisturizing care for dry skin after shaving and improves skin barrier

  • Reduces skin moisture loss in 13 days*

  • Hypoallergenic formula, completed sensitive skin test

  • Completed non-comedogenic test^

  • Dermatologically tested


How to use:After cleansing/shaving, take an appropriate amount and gently pat on face with hands to help for absorption.


* LG Household & Health Care Ltd. R&D Center 2020.06.29-2020.11.16, 21 subjects

^ PCR Corp 2020.05.25-2020.06.22, 33 subjects

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