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  • Alleviates discomfort and address irritation in highly sensitive skin brought on by scratching, external stimuli, and a weakened barrier

  • Contains intensive sensitive skin relief complex ingredients : PEA (Palmitamide MEA), Acetamide MEA, Sarcosine   

  • Addresses deeper issues and itchiness of sensitive skin, featuring anti-itch function, soothing capabilities, and multi-soothing balm

  • Completed the skin moisturizing test*; it soothes white keratin and enhances the moisturizing barrier

  • Soothes sudden redness of sensitive skin by completing skin soothing test*

  • Satisfaction survey results showed#:
    98% of users felt calm skin within two weeks of use
    100% felt improved skin texture and condition

  • Suitable for sensitive areas of the face, including the arms, neck, legs, thighs, calves, cheeks

  • Skin barrier improvement

  • Hypo-allergenic Formula¹ & Suitable for sensitive skin²

  • Non-comedogenic ³

  • Itching improvement test completed

  • Dermatologically tested

For dry, irritated and reactive skin
Suitable for babies, children and adults

How to use:

Apply appropriate amount evenly to the skin as needed.

*P.N.K Skin Clinical Research Center (20.11.23-20.12.08, 34 adult women)

# Global Research, 20.12.03-20.12.06, 50 adults

¹ Hill Top Research Inc., 02.08.05-02.09.13, 106 adult men and women

² Korea Institute of Skin Sciences, 20.09.15-20.09.29, 31 adult women

³ Hill Top Research Inc., 02.08.19-02.09.27, 16 adult men and women

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